Here are some answers to frequently asked questions and troubleshooting topics.


Installation Questions

What versions of Word can I install WordCrusher on?

WordCrusher works best with Microsoft Office 2010 but also works with Microsoft Office 2007. It makes use of the new “Ribbon” functionality and so it is not compatible with older versions of Microsoft Office. At the time of writing, Microsoft does offer a 60 day free trial of their Office suite, which you can sign up for by clicking here.

What operating systems does WordCrusher work with?

WordCrusher will run on any operating system that Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 will run on. That includes Windows XP and Windows 7, which are the officially supported operating systems that we test on.

How do I install WordCrusher?

WordCrusher can be installed like any other Windows program; just run the executable file that you downloaded. If you require the download file, you can get the latest version by clicking here. Details about the latest version can be seen by viewing the change log. If you are unsure how to install a Windows program or if you would like to see a step-by-step process done, you can watch the videos in the installation guide which is conveniently linked in the top navigation of every page.

Why can't I see WordCrusher in the ribbon where I see it in the installation videos when I start it?

WordCrusher will appear in the Microsoft Word ribbon up at the top of Word when you first start it. If you can not see it, then Word has probably deactivated the plugin due to the security you have set up in your operating system. There are two ways to activate WordCrusher.

  • Easiest way: Re-install the latest version of WordCrusher, and when asked who to install it for choose “Just for Me” instead of “Everyone” – this has worked very well for most users that encounter this problem.
  • Official way: WordCrusher may be deactivated by Microsoft in which case you can follow the directions found here in order to activate a disabled add-in. If it remains disabled, then that means you don’t have the right permissions to enable it and will need to run Microsoft Word as an administrator; note that in the latest versions of the Windows operating system, being logged in as an administrator is not enough and you have to actually start Word in administrative mode. The instructions for doing so can be found here at Microsoft’s website.

Why does it seem like WordCrusher is installed twice?

When updating to version 2.0.7, the installer program needed to be updated which brought it out of sync with previous versions. To prevent 2 versions of WordCrusher from appearing in Word, you’ll need to remove the add-in from Word and then uninstall the old version of WordCrusher. Here’s a video that shows you how to do this:

This only needs to be done if updating from a version earlier than 2.0.6 to a version later than 2.0.6.

Does WordCrusher work with Office for Mac, OpenOffice or anything other than Microsoft Word for PC?

At this time, WordCrusher is a Microsoft Word add-in and will not work with any other word processing packages or with Office for Mac which does not support Microsoft’s own Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) which is the platform that WordCrusher is built on.

Why won't my email work when I try to register my copy?

Right now, WordCrusher is in a closed beta and is only available to select customers. If you have cancelled or refunded the product which gave you access, then you will no longer be able to run WordCrusher. Contact the help desk at our partner websites where you gained access in order to have your registration status validated and fixed if necessary.


Kindle Formatting Questions

How do I create a Kindle eBook using WordCrusher?

Open your Microsoft Word document that you would like to crush into a well-formatted Kindle MOBI file. You can view our best practices (linked at the top of the page) for recommendations on how to format your book in order to achieve the best results. When you are ready, click on the Kindle button in the WordCrusher ribbon and follow each step in the wizard. It will then create a file ready for you to test in Kindle Previewer and to upload to KDP. If you’d like to see exactly how it works, watch the videos in the installation guide for how to run WordCrusher and create a book using Kindle.

Can I use WordCrusher to combine multiple word documents at once?

WordCrusher currently only works on the active Word Document, so in the case where you have a separate Word file for each chapter you would first need to combine them into a single document. There is an option inside Word for merging multiple documents at once, click here for directions on how to do this.


CreateSpace Formatting Questions

How do I create a CreateSpace ready PDF document using WordCrusher?

CreateSpace functionality is currently in beta but will still get your document almost ready to be uploaded. Open your Microsoft Word document that you would like to crush into a well-formatted PDF that is ready for CreateSpace. Click on the CreateSpace button in the WordCrusher ribbon and follow each step in the wizard. It will then reformat your document for you and reopen Word with your new document ready for editing. Make any last minute changes that you would like and then press the second button that has appeared for making a CreateSpace PDF for you. Installation videos will be coming soon.

How do I format a document in a different size than 6x9 for CreateSpace?

Right now, there is only one template available which hits the “90%” use case and is limited to the 6×9 business format. If you would like a different size, you can crush the book and then update the page size and margins by hand or else you can make all of the updates by hand yourself. We are planning on adding other options in the future but at the moment there is only one.


Nook Book & iBook Formatting Questions

How do I create an ePub file for Nook Books or iBooks?

Right now, Amazon Kindle MOBI format 7 (and some KF8 functionality) is all that is supported by WordCrusher for eBooks. We are in active development for ePub functionality but do not yet have our development builds creating an ePub that is able to 100% validate and be uploaded to iBooks or Nook without further updates. Keep an eye on our change log to see when ePub functionality becomes available.