Set up your book this way for best results. Not necessary…but much more likely to work on the first try.

  1. If your source (starting) document is not in .docx format, create a new .docx copy by saving it as a “Word Document” (File > Save As > Save as Type). Back up your book. Create a fresh copy. Save your fresh copy in .docx format because you will get best results using .docx (RECOMMENDED)
  2. It’s best to delete everything other than the book’s “core content” from this .docx version that you are starting with. Please remove the following items from your ebook manuscript: Table of Contents, Copyright Page, Cover Image, Title Page, etc. (WordCrusher creates these for you!)
  3. If your manuscript is complex, use H1 headers (by clicking on the “Heading 1” button) to “tag” those items that you want to show up in the Table of Contents. (NOT REQUIRED, but recommended)